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Under our Offline education system, we provide special programs and Trainings on :

  1. Online Graduate and Post Graduate Courses for Urban Job Opportunities (with certified online examination)
  2. Teacher's Training
  3. Basic Computer Training
  4. Application of Computer in daily life Training
  5. Skill Development Courses
  6. Personality Development
  7. Job Interview Trainings
  8. Job Placements
  9. Communication Skills and Presentations

Join Hand with us for Growth of your business:

Our systematically designed education system merged with your infrastructural and teaching skills can accelerate the rural education growth and has the potential to take the rural intellect to next level for making life better.

If you are looking forward for upgrading your teaching business to a professional level and benefit the revenue with better services, join hand with us.

With our latest course curriculum, Online Examination Pattern, Course Certificates and Job Placements, Local advertisements for Institute and training workshops for teachers to enhance their teaching skills, we aim at empowering the rural intellect and serving Nation better.

To Join hands with us.



In the pursuit of making the rural life easier and advancement of mental, physical, social and economical standards, we offer various Training and Education programms that would bring the job opportunities.

Minimum qualification for these Programs is either graduation or class 12th. Keeping under consideration that education rate in rural areas, we also have special training programs which will ake easier for anyone to get the job after getting the training in that specific area.

Apart from these courses, we also offer special teacher's training to bring the latest education technologies for making the learning more interesting and innovative. With the onset of digital era, there is a light visible which has a strong potential of advancement that would in turn fuel the rural development.

With a special focus on Digital India in Order to enhance the intellectual abilities of our rural strength, we offer education on Basic Computer Skills(Word, Excel, Presentations etc), Computer Operating Techniques, Availing online various e - fascilities from various websites and Portals, e-mailing and its importance, Browsing and information gathering, Computer Aided Basic Design with its application, developing e-portfolio for business and Social Media.

With special emphasis on Human Empowerment, we conduct special Personality Development and Presentation skill trainings, for the skill development of young boys and girls to build up there self confidence. This also enhances the skill of the students in order to make them competitive in job interviews.

What sets RSDF EDU Plan a cut above the rest:

We aim at Organising the Rural education System with Quality education. With our specially designed course curriculum, Online examinations and Job Placements, we ensure that every potential gets the deserved opportunity.

The course curriculum designed by industry professionals and the online examination pattern results in building the confidence. This education system aided with passing certificates serves a strong foundation for the job opportunities, at part with the Urban Education systems.